Viking Technology

DRAID Manager

Viking Enterprise Solutions (VES) distributed RAID (DRAID) technology provide up to 20% better I/O performance and from 2.5 to 1000 times faster array rebuild rate compared to traditional non-distributed RAID arrays.



  • Supports High capacity SAS drives: 10TB+
  • Close to 1 Petabyte of storage in a 4U form factor
  • Improved data protection over RAID 6 with three parity disks
  • Only the data on the disk needs to be rebuilt, so Rebuild only the actual information so the less information stored, the faster Rebuilds
  • Dual I/O Modules (supports redundant paths to dual port disks)
  • Redundant Hot-swappable Power, Cooling
  • Supports in band enclosure management
  • Host configurable SAS Zoning (4 Zones)
  • Sustained 2.25 GB/sec throughput via dual 10GbE6Gb/s infrastructure
  • Processor Technology: Sandy Bridge-EP socket R
  • On-board SES management
  • Dedicated BMC
  • Supports up to 128GB memory (PC3-12800)Dual Slim-SATA boot/cache offload support
  • Dual x8 HH/HL PCIe3.0 slot
Networking Automation Easy to Use Alerting
1Gbps and 10Gbps Sharing of iSCSI Volumes Simple, clear CMD Line interface Easy to use Menu System, that prevents human errors Support for scheduling periodic proactive scrubbing, for detection & early warning with notification via Email alerts
Support for Bonding Network Interfaces & Link Aggregation SDK provided Wizards for disk replacement that turns on the right LED Provide means of email notifications to inform multiple user of important events on the storage appliance
Supports easy export of volumes over iSCSI to initiators & initiator groups Support for Solarwinds, Zabbix, Nagios Remaining time & progress bar for Rebuilding process Manage Email Address Lists with Master Email “To” list & default of 5 “cc” users
Notification can be sent when issues are detected & also if a particular volume is shared
Memory Data Drives BIOS Enclosure Management Controllers
4 Channels of DDR3 memory from 2GB to 32GB per channel M.2 up to 512GB booting drive AMI IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface, utilize Pilot III) 2.0 Onboard LSI LSISAS3008 (SAS 3 12Gbps)
ECC Memory supported 58 Spinning or SSD drives SAS 3/SAS 2 up to 14TB
2 SSD drives for cache & user usage (partition) I/0