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Storage Server Module for 12G SAS NSS-4900 Enclosures
The Viking Enterprise Solutions (VES) NSS-HW2EB and NSS-HW1EB Storage Server Modules are high performance dual Haswell / Broadwell-based enterprise class server modules designed for the 12G SAS 4U90 LFF JBOD chassis. The systems are highly configurable as single or dual server module configuration to cover a broad spectrum of cost-performance requirements. With best-in-class x86 software applications, the JBOD is transformed into a high-availability, ultra high density Storage Server platform delivering superior performance.

The server can be configured as a single socket (HW1EB) or dual socket (HW2EB) server supporting the Intel E5-2600 v3/4 family of Xeon processors for optimal performance at lowest TCO and performance. The modules support a 12Gb/s data path throughout the entire enclosure for SAS drives or 6Gb/s SATA drives and allow for zoning of 5 different drive maps. Module redundancy is provided through NTB mirroring, and data loss protection in the event of power faults is supported through optional energy storage units (ESUs). Three PCIe 3.0 expansion slots offer IO host expansion and flexible high-performance network options.

The storage servers also have an internal 100MB/s network connections designed to provide an internal communication path for HA implementation.

NSS-HWxEB server modules support high-availability operation through dual path to all drives, further hot-swap capability and module-to-module interconnect features for full server redundancy. Additionally, all DIMM slots support NVDIMM to protect against data loss in a blackout/brownout power event.



  • Support high-availability operation through dual path to all drives
  • Optimal performance at lowest TCO and performance
  • internal 100MB/s network connections
Compute Memory Storage Management
CPU: 2x Intel XEON E5-2600 v3 (Haswell) & v4 (Broadwell) 8x DDR4 up to 2400MHz Supports 90 SAS3.0 / SATA2.0 Targets (HDD / SSDs) Baseboard Management Controller – IPMI2.0
Peripheral Controller Hub C610 (Wellsburg) 1TB maximum 4x 12Gb/s SAS Controller
2x Boot M.2 SSD 2x 12Gb/s
Orderable Part Numbers Communications Communications Optional Energy Storage Unit
NSS-HW1EB Bulkhead Bulkhead Orderable Part Numbers LiFePO4 battery pack
Single socket configuration/2x PCIe Slot 1Gb/E shared management & data NSS-HW1EB SuperCap for NVDIMM support
NSS-HW2EB 1x x16 PCIe3.0 Single socket configuration/2x PCIe Slot
Dual socket configuration/3 PCIe slots 2x x8 PCIe3.0 NSS-HW2EB
2x USB-A Dual socket configuration / 3 PCIe slots
1x USB Mini-B
Non-transparent PCIe x16 bridge
Inter IO SAS Communications
100 MB/s module Network