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Viking Enterprise Solutions (VES) Fx60 Integrated Storage Platform Delivers Extreme Speed and High Availability; Ideal for Media, Entertainment and HPC Applications

The Fx60-HD and –HP family is an all-flash high performance, high density and high-availability storage appliance with integrated software and hardware delivering 5M random 4k IOPs (reads) and throughput of 22GB/s (reads).

The platform includes a family of all-flash software and hardware solutions including the Fx60-HP20, Fx60-HP50, Fx60-HD35 and Fx60-HD90 appliances.

The Fx60 delivers high performance over a range of metrics including cost per lOPS, cost per TB, lOPS per rack unit (RU) space and lOPS per watts. This cost effective performance delivers profitable business value to your customers.

HPC systems are currently being adopted by the government, scientific and enterprise markets to solve complex computational problems, such as numeric calculations or data analytics, with a high degree of accuracy and speed. The Newisys Fx60 system guarantees data integrity with minimal interruption to data services, in the event of hardware or software failures.

The Fx60 is a complete storage system which that is configured as an all-flash dual controller storage array supporting host interconnects over Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI.



  • Supports High capacity SAS drives: 10TB+
  • Close to 1 Petabyte of storage in a 4U form factor
  • Improved data protection over RAID 6 with three parity disks
  • Only the data on the disk needs to be rebuilt, so Rebuild only the actual information so the less information stored, the faster Rebuilds
The Fx60 is a complete software & hardware appliance in a 2U form-factor supporting Fibre Channel & iSCSI hosts. The Fx60 delivers up to 5M lOPs (random 4K reads) & 22GB/s throughput. Reduced OPEX through high-density & reduced footprint The Fx60 CU toolkit provides a set of python tools that allows a datacenter administrator to automate all storage array configuration & monitoring steps. The Fx60 is a dual controller, no single point of failure storage array. The Fx60 provides continued access to storage volumes under many failure conditions such as switch failure, cable failure, disk failures & controller failure.
Reduced CAPEX through balanced system performance
Most efficient IOPs/ RU & Throughput/RU
High performance options include: High capacity configurations include:
Fx60-HP20with 20TB Capacity/100GB iSCSI Fx60-HD35 with 35TB Capacity/100GB iSCSI
FX60-HP50with 50TB Capacity/100GB iSCSI Fx60-HD90 with 90TB Capacity/16GB FC