Viking Technology


High Performance Enterprise Class Storage Using NVMe™ over Fabrics Technology
The Viking Enterprise Solutions (VES) NDS22482F Fabric Enclosure offers twenty-four 2.5-inch U.2 (SFF8639) NVMe™ SSDs with six 100 GbE QSFP28 network ports. The enclosure provides access to the high performance of the NVMe drives over the network with virtually no latency or performance penalty.

Two fabric modules are included with the enclosure. Each fabric module has a PCIe switch network and three PCIe add-in cards slots that are compatible with a wide range of Ethernet fabric adapter cards (full length, full height, up to 150W of power).

The solution utilizes third-party add-in cards and offers six 100 GbE QSFP28 network links for NVMe-oF™ access to the drives. All of the NVMe-oF target protocol occurs in hardware without the need of a host CPU. This provides a combination of incredible performance at over 15M IOPs, and extremely low total latency of less than 16μs. This total includes both fabric latency (<8μs) and NVMe drive latency (<8μs if using Intel® Optane™ drives).



  • Full NVMe performance available over the network
  • Operation with either single or dual fabric modules for redundant failover
  • Management interface to control drive access control & provisioning
  • Hot-pluggable fabric modules, power supplies & drives
  • SFF-8639, PCIe Gen 3 NVMe (U.2) drive support (up to 25W per drive)
  • Single & dual port NVMe drive support
  • Evolves with the market by using standard PCIe add in card adapters for NVMe-oF export (three x16 Ethernet add-in card slots per fabric module)
  • Accommodates NVMe-oF adapters that are up to full length, full height in size & up to 150W in power
  • Standard chassis customization & branding available
Interfaces Hot-Swappable Components Firmware Drive Partitioning
Two fabric modules Two fabric modules Allocation, access control, and portioning provided over 1 GbE management link Controlled by the management software through the 1 GbE link
Three x16 PCIe 3.0 card slots per fabric module Two AC to DC power supplies CLI and GUI control for drive management & status of the enclosure
Each add-in card slot accommodates up to a full length, full height PCIe card Either 1100W or 1500W of power, dependent on add-in card power requirement
Up to 150W per add-in card Two independent AC power inputs
Six-pin PCIe aux power is available for each slot 24 drives in the front of the system
2U Rackmount Enclosure Failure Notifications Operating Environment Non-Operating Environment
Dimensions: 3.2 in. H x 17.6 in. W x 34.1 in. D (87 mm H x 448 mm W x 866 mm D) Status and fault LEDs on the enclosure, fabric modules & drives Temperature: 5° to 35°C Temperature: -40° to 60°C
Weight with drives: 67.4 lbs (30.6 kg) max Altitude: -200 to 10,000 ft Altitude: -200 to 40,000 ft
Standard rackmount shelf
Mounts industry standard 19” x 1m deep rack
Safety Standards Quality Standards Environment Protection Electromagnetic Emissions & Immunity Standards Monitoring & Reporting
UL 60950 Manufactured under an ISO 9002 registered quality system RoHS and WEEE compliant CE Mark Monitoring for temperature, power, cooling (including fan speed control), disk drives, as well as error rates & quality of service
CSA 22.2-950 EN55022: 2010 Reporting of all serial number, part number, and revisions of the fabric modules, power supplies, drives & chassis
EN61000 3-2:2014
EN61000 3-2:2013
FCC Class A
Canadian IECS-003
Non-Operating Environment Electromagnetic Emissions & Immunity Standards Safety Standards Quality Standards Environment Protection
Temperature: -40° to 60°C CE Mark UL 60950 Manufactured under an ISO 9002 registered quality system RoHS & WEEE compliant
Relative humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing) EN55022: 2010 CSA 22.2-950
Altitude: -200 to 40,000 ft EN61000 3-2:2014
Shock: 10G at 11ms, 1/2 sine wave pulse EN61000 3-2:2013
Vibration: 0.5G at 5 Hz to 500 Hz FCC Class A
Canadian IECS-003