PRODUCT SOLUTION | Cloud Native Obsidian Storage Solution and Archiware P5

Cloud Native Obsidian: An On-premise Cloud Enabled Storage Solution for Media Content Backup/Archive with Archiware

Cloud Native Obsidian provides fast, secure, scalable and local control; compliant on-premise cloud storage for backup and archive

Benefits of CNO On-Premise Cloud Storage and Archiware P5 Solution

  • Multi-platform support
  • Easy storage management with simple interface
  • On-premise cloud enabled storage provides fast backup and restore without the public cloud latency
  • Massive scalability for long term retention
  • More than 5TB object file size support
  • Complete storage control with existing governance and compliant policies
  • Ransomware protection with immutable object storage support
  • Multi-site support for quick disaster recovery

In modern media workflows, unstructured data is growing fast and is a valuable and important asset. Protecting the data poses challenges due to time pressure and limited IT budgets. Performance is another concern, since time windows for backup might be limited. Data needs to be available for quick restore if something goes wrong. Files also need to be protected from breaches and hardware failures. Backup storage scalability and automatic data protection features are important requirements. Viking Enterprise Solutions Cloud Native Obsidian (CNO) is an on-premise object storage solution with a cloud native architecture. Together with Archiware P5 it provides a comprehensive backup and archive solution and makes re-use, monetization and referencing of existing assets easy.

Cloud Native Obsidian (CNO) is a comprehensive, on-premise cloud storage solution based on Cloud Native architecture. As a distributed software-defined storage solution, CNO provides the durability and fault tolerance for today’s always-on data center. Highly scalable, CNO storage solution can be infinitely expanded. Optimized with multi-protocol support, CNO provides the flexibility to be applied across many of the most demanding IT use cases. CNO simple storage management makes the adoption of cloud-native services pain-free, while letting companies focus on business strategy and achieving faster time to market. CNO provides on-demand local storage capacity with lower latency performance and no complicated storage tiers.  It also provides a scalable storage lifecycle, under one storage manager.

Archiware P5 is a platform-agnostic software suite for archiving, backup and cloning of data. The browser-based software comprises four modules, which use different methods to secure and restore data. Archiware P5’s professional backup and archive functionalities are compatible with numerous cloud services. P5 Backup ensures that large data sets are backed up in the shortest time possible. P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution for data migration.

Leveraging the on-premises object storage feature of CNO, backup datasets can be secured locally on disk for faster backup, archive and restore. CNO distributed storage clusters technology provides the performance and resiliency for multiple concurrent backup and archive tasks, while providing the ransomware protection with Object locking feature. CNO´s scalability, combined with Archiware P5, provides a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery strategy.


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