High Density, Unified Storage Solutions

The Viking Enterprise Solutions ONYX Series of dense network-attached storage solutions is designed for high capacity, storage-hungry environments. This turnkey, unified storage solution is well-suited for backup & archive, online disaster recovery, video surveillance and media content storage. With a small footprint (5RU) and up to 2PB capacity, the ONYX Series saves on deployment costs and has multi petabytes of scaling capacity via multiple JBODs. Versatile I/O expansion and multi-layer security allow ONYX solutions to run all mainstream applications with ease, delivering superior, server-grade performance to the modern enterprise.

ONYX Series Key Advantages

  • Affordable option for massive backup
  • Optimized storage capacity and performance for Tier 2 and Tier 3 workloads and archive storage
  • Built-in data protection
  • Reduced overall storage costs – consumes less power, space and cooling infrastructure
  • Simple and plug-and-play, reducing the storage management learning curve
  • Single-pane-of-glass storage management
  • Always available online storage for backup and recovery
  • Flexible, able to consolidate large volumes and/or silos of data
  • Fulfills the 3-2-1 backup strategy without having to worry about storage capacity and potential budget impacts
  • Multiple protocol support, designed for many IT environments
  • Data is fully protected with RAID, WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many), pool encryption, and SED (Self- Encrypting Drive)

ONYX Series System Features

  • Multiple protocol support via AFP / CIFS / FTP / iSCSI / NFS / WebDAV for all applications
  • Support for Windows AD and LDAP Directory Services and Windows ACLs and advanced ACL for general file services
  • Built-in quad 10GbE ports to accelerate I/O intensive workloads
  • Allows for replication between multiple ONYX appliances for data redundancy and disaster recovery
  • All-inclusive, enterprise data services with VESq data management system
    • Real-time remote replication: periodically copies data to remote data centers, allowing data to be recovered when required
    • Powerful folder, pool, and drive level security against Ransomware attacks and physical theft
    • Cloud backup and sync support for public cloud providers: Alibaba Cloud OSS, hicloud S3, Amazon S3 and S3 compatible storage, with support for cloud synchronization with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox
    • Deduplication automatically removes redundant data objects to reduce overall storage capacity usage
    • Compression features reduce the overall storage needs
    • Hybrid SSD cache leverages flash drives to provide both read and write cache – for cost-efficiency without compromising performance

VESq Data Management System

Based on Linux and 128-bit ZFS, Viking Enterprise Solutions’ VESq embedded data management system, is enhanced with features that make the ONYX Series a high-performance, efficient, superior network-attached storage device. VESq provides the high scalability, ease of management and data integrity needed to build a perfect unified storage system. It delivers nearly unlimited file size, fast storage deployment (within 5 minutes), and multi-level data security. A variety of built-in backup applications help with rapid granular recovery and disasters, while native self-healing protects against data corruption. VESq ensures that massive quantities of stored assets are maintained long-term with complete data integrity.

ONYX Series Use Case Examples

  • Disaster recovery for Tier 2 apps
  • Capacity for long retention for video surveillance deployments
  • 3-2-1 Backups, snapshots, and replication strategies
  • Data farm with consolidation for multi-cloud test/dev workloads
  • Enterprise IT storage consolidation
  • Massive data repository for online media and entertainment content

Case Studies

Backup and Archive/Disaster Recovery

Video Surveillance

Media Editing

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ONYX Series

Turnkey, high capacity and ultra-dense unified storage storage solution in 5RU with up to 2PB of capacity.