Cloud Native Obsidian (CNO) is a comprehensive, on-premises cloud storage solution based on Cloud Native architecture. As a distributed software-defined storage solution, CNO provides the durability and fault tolerance for today’s always-on data center. Highly scalable, vertically and horizontally, for both capacity and/or performance, our CNO storage solution can be infinitely expanded. Optimized with multi-protocol support, CNO provides the flexibility to deploy across many of the most demanding IT use cases.

CNO simple storage management makes the adoption of cloud-native services pain-free while letting you focus on your business strategy and achieving faster time to market for your storage solutions. CNO provides local storage capacity with lower latency performance and no complicated storage tiers, when compared to Cloud based storage. CNO removes traditional RAID hardware constraints by simply allowing additional, qualified storage nodes to be added to the CNO clusters and providing a scalable storage lifecycle, under one cloud native storage manager.

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Cloud Native Obsidian Storage Framework

Obsidian storage

Cloud Native Obsidian Software Features


  • Single-Pane of Glass provides a simple and intuitive cloud native storage manager that helps eliminate the cloud complexity
  • Future-proof and No Boundary Storage Solution
  • Single Sign on for Administration
  • Seamless and Non-Disruptive Upgrade
  • Alerts and Monitoring of CNO Storage Clusters and All Storage Engines
  • Cloud integration with security features

Distributed and Secure

  • Resilient, Fault-Tolerant and Distributed Software Defined Storage Solution for Maximum Uptime
  • Erasure Coding or Replication Support for Superior Data Protection
  • Durable with data protection and distributed clusters

Complete Immutability

  • Data Protected From a Ransomware Compromise


  • Optimized and Dynamically Scalable for Both Capacity and Performance
  • Hybrid HDD/SSD and NVMe Web-scale Storage Solutions
  • Future-proof by Adding New Storage Generation and Still Managed Under a Single Storage Manager


  • Enterprise Scale File Services (S3 Object Storage, NFS V3 and V4, SMB File Sharing Support)
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Support
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Case Studies

Reduce Object Storage Latency and No Additional Fees Required

Private cloud, local S3 compatible buckets with always ON access

Fast and lower latency access to data

No cache servers required

Fault-tolerant storage architecture with no local recovery required

Ransomware protection with object locking support

On-premises IT control and compliant

Scale as you grow

Future proof with the latest hardware technologies

One central storage management interface

reduce object storage latency and no additional fees required

Faster Backup and Recovery of Data

Multi-protocols support

Snapshots and replication for quick recovery

Shorten backup windows

Ransomware protection with object locking support

Gain faster access to recovery data

Scalable as you grow

Best media to replace tapes

One central storage management interface

faster backup and recovery of data

Consolidate with Simple and Scalable Multi-Protocols Support

Fault-tolerant storage architecture with no local recovery required

Simple single name space file sharing

Faster general files access

Ransomware protection with object locking support

Snapshots for quick recovery

Massively scalable as you grow

One central storage management interface

consolidate with simple and scalable multi protocols support

Obsidian Storage Management

Simplify storage management with secure anywhere and anytime access and control

Manage unlimited number of Obsidian clusters with a single pane of glass, Obsidian Storage Manager

Intuitive with full-control for the whole Obsidian storage infrastructure

obsidian storage management

Cloud Native Obsidian Hardware System

Density-optimized 2U rack server with high speed networking, I/O and four compute modules per 2U chassis. Each compute module supports up to two 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® processors per module and up to 16 DDR4 DIMM slots per server board (eight DIMMs per CPU). Each CPU supports up to 165W processor TDP for high performance workloads in a 2U air-cooled chassis. Serviceability benefits include support for hot-swappable compute modules, storage and power supplies.

Quad node

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Cloud Native Obsidian Solutions brief
Comprehensive, on-premises cloud native storage solution based on Cloud Native architecture.