Viking Enterprise Solutions (VES) HDD optimized Server & Storage platforms are designed for applications requiring large capacity JBOD storage such as storage expansion solutions, primary & cold storage, archival storage, and video streaming.

VES provides Cloud Service Provider and Storage Server OEM customers with advanced data center products including off-the-shelf and customized platforms with superior performance, density, reliability, and capacity.

jbod vds41022


VDS41022 JBOD enclosure is a high-density SAS-4 data storage solution that packages 102, 3.5-inch HDDs running at 12 Gb/s SAS with two active 24 Gb/s I/O modules.

jbod nds4603 front view


The Viking Enterprise Solutions (VES) NDS4603 High Density JBOD storage packages 60 3.5” hard disk drives (HDDs) at 12Gb/s. The enclosure contains two active I/O Modules (IOMs).